Merry Mail

We are small business owners and we are constantly getting new inventory each day.

So we receive a LOT of mail!

I wanted to do something nice for those hard working mail men and women who deliver our mail, rain or shine.

Now that I’m working full time again, I don’t have quite as much free time as I used to.

I had all intentions of making my own tag for my Merry Mail. However time was fleeting…

So in an effort to get it made in time for December, I used an adorable printable I found on Pinterest.


A big “Thank You” to Christina Maria, who originally created this great tag.

I thought it was absolutely perfect!

After I printed the tag, I made sure to laminate the card stock. I didn’t want to smear the ink, since it would be left outside on the porch.

Once I had finished preparing my tag, I purchased something to hold my merry mail treats in.

Hobby lobby had a rectangular organizer that was the perfect width and height.


If you are in need of treat ideas, here are a few suggestions:

Healthy snacks: Nuts, Raisins, Granola Bars, Jerky.

Drinks: Water, Gatorade, Lemonade, Pop.

Other: Chips, Pretzels, Crackers, Fruit Snacks, Little Debbie Cakes, Chocolate, Candy, Gum.

Something I forgot to put in my box this year, that I plan on adding next year is hand warmers.

We currently live in Utah which is often cold and snowy, this time of year. I think that would be a much appreciate gift to they could use, while outside delivering packages all day.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And may you share some Merry Mail with those who bring your packages.

‘Tis the Season!

I absolutely love decorating!

Especially, for Christmas…

We typically put our Christmas decor out before thanksgiving.

I try to hold out as long as I can but I usually give in to my husbands requests.

This year, I decided to redecorate our front entryway.

If you are like me and enjoy being creative, I thought I would share my resources.

My favorite Christmas decoration this year, would have to be my jolly sign from Kirkland’s.

Tis the Season to Be Jolly!

Walmart helped my solidify my entryway vision. The galvanized silver reindeer are festive and affordable!


Every home needs a little bit of greenery. I really loved the coloring and features in this floral arrangement. From the holly berries, flocking, pine cones and wood wire ball. Plus, the reindeer needed something to nibble on.


Hobby Lobby has such great deals! I purchased this runner for $7. Perfect for all year but pairs lovely with Christmas decor.

Table Runner

I also love the entryway table I found at Hobby Lobby. Elegant, efficient, and a beautiful neutral color.

Entryway Table

My adorable Christmas pillow was given to me years ago. However, I have been eyeing several decorative pillows from Kirkland’s this year. They have a great variety to choose from!

Decorative Pillows

I hope this helps get your creative juices flowing.

Merry Christmas & Happy Decorating!

No Tricks, Just Treats!

Are you in need of a spooky gift idea, this Halloween?

Try this tasty “scare” package!

I created this box for my nephew who is currently serving an lds mission, in Alabama.

What You Need:


Glue stick

Hot Glue Gun

Orange Spray Paint

Purple Scrapbook Paper

Plastic Spider Rings

Bouncy Balls



Mine Included:

Ties, cuff Links and Taco Bell Giftcard

How to Make:

Start by spray painting the inside of your box.

Once your box is painted, cut letters out of scrapbook paper to create your message.

Using my sihlouette machine, I cut out the saying “No Tricks Just Treats” and “Happy Halloween”.

Once the letters are cut, gluing them onto your box using a glue stick.

Place your gifts in the bottom of your box.

Once your gifts are placed inside, dump the candy, plastic spiders, bouncy balls on top.

Mix gently, so that everything is spread evenly.

If you have extra spider rings. Using a hot glue gun, glue several spiders to the flaps of your box. You could also add fake spider webbing for a spookier look.

Happy Halloween!

Summer is Short

Is it August already?

Oh, how can that be!

It’s back to school for students and teachers, like me.

My best advice to you is this…

“Summer is short. Squeeze all you can out of it!”

Enjoy these last few weeks, do all that you can…

For soon it will be fall, then there will be snow on the ground!

What You Need:






How to Make:

Start by purchasing lemonade!

I purchased lemonade from Costco. Which comes in a two pack for $6.99.

Once you’ve collected your lemonade, print the lemon handout and cut out around the lemon stencil.

Once your handout is cut out, use a hole punch to make a small hole for your string.

Next, lace your string through the hole. I purchased my twin from Hobby Lobby.

Tie your handout around your lemonade and your are good to go!

Look for the photo above on Pinterest and pin it for later!

Or follow me on Instagram @lovedbylynzzi

Thoughts by L:

I love simplicity! In every aspect of my life.

Which is why this ministering handout is easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

If you find yourself in a crunch and your August has flown by,

don’t you fret! This simply delicious handout is just for you.

Remember… when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Turn that sour puss frown, upside down and go buy yourself some lemonade.

She Said YES!

My dear friend recently got engaged! I am beyond thrilled that she found someone who respects and loves her. I was beyond excited that I came up with this engagement gift. 

What You Need:

Ring Pop

Ring Dish

Wood Countdown





Print: You said YES!

How to Make:

Start by collecting your gifts.

Ring pops can be purchased at your local dollar store. Which is a great deal because I got 4 ring pops for $1. I only used one ring for my gift but my husband always appreciates leftovers. 

This ceramic white and gold, Ring Dish was on amazon.

A wonderful purchase for only $6!

Amazon had hundreds of options to pick from. However, I thought this was perfect for my dear friend.

Next, a countdown…


I had planned to purchased a wedding day countdown.

However, I am an extremely practical person. I wanted her countdown to serve a dual purpose.

Otherwise, it would most likely end up in the trash once she was married. 

So I did some research and found the best solution…

A Reversible Countdown.

Talk about perfection! 😍Doesn’t it just make your heart happy?

Not only does is countdown to your wedding day… but also keeps count of your anniversaries. 

The countdown only cost $17.99 from amazon. 

What a great home decor piece, for their future home!

Print my free download, I included at the top of the blog.

Then cut out the hearts and tape it to the each gift before placing in your gift bag.


Save the packaging for the ring dish and the countdown. Place each gift back into their packaging and tape each heart directly to the package. Before placing each item in your gift bag.

I wanted to make sure each gift did not break!

Last but not least…

My adorable gift bag and engagement card were from Target. I found them both in the dollar section.

The gift bag even came with two sheets of tissue paper! Doesn’t Target think of everything?

Thoughts by L:

This engagement gift is simple and affordable. The entire gift only cost $26!

Creating this gift brought back some many memories. Causing me to reflect on my own marriage. All the excitement that comes from being engage and all the anticipation from planning a wedding.

However, it also reminded me how grateful I am to have such sweet friends.

Let the countdown begin!

Hugs & Kisses

A sweet treat for a dear friend of mine. She and her family were recently mourning the loss of a loved one. Although they are in good spirits, I wanted to do something to let her know I care.

What You Need:

Hershey Kisses

Hershey Hugs

Cellophane Bag

Twist Tie




Small Gift (optional) – I bought a bath bomb


How to Make:

Collect all of your supplies first. To ensure you have everything you need, before you start.

I purchased my cellophane bags from hobby Lobby. The twist ties are included in the cost of the bags.

If you want to add a gift as well, be sure to pay attention to size! Making sure your gift will fit in your cellophane bag. You don’t want to have to make a second trip to the store for a bigger cellophane bag!

Bath bombs was the perfect size to fit in my bag. Other small gifts such as lotion, hand soap, lipstick, perfume, fuzzy socks would all be great gifts too.

Don’t forget to print and cut out your tags!

Using a hole punch, pierce a hole in the corner of the tag. Thread your twist tie through the hole.

Fill your bag with hershey hugs and kisses, before placing your small gift inside.

Using the twist tie, close the cellophane bag and tie it off.


Place your left over kisses in a small mason jar! Use the printable tag to cover the metal lid, before placing on the ring.

You now have an additional gift!

Thoughts by L:

We are here on the earth to help one another.

Why not lift someone’s spirits with some hugs and kisses!

Curb Appeal

I wanted to give our entryway a facelift. I hated that the front door was black! I wanted more light in the entryway so I started thinking…

We would replace the front door, first. A new door with a window. Adding more natural light in our front entryway, inside.


My original door was black. This is it, above!Which looked okay… but never quite made sense to me. Our entire exterior of the house is navy, beige and white. 🤔 Before you ask, we didn’t pick the color originally.

So we ordered a new door, from our local hardware store. Making sure to purchase one with a window! Which only cost us $260.

We even saved a more money by painting the door ourselves!

At first, I thought about painting the front door navy.

But later came to the conclusion, that I wanted this new door to be bright and inviting!

Especially, since our entryway is covered. And because it is shaded, it always looks rather dark.


Once the door was painted and hung. We thought it looked nice. However, I wanted to add more color and personality to our porch!

So I ordered a cloth rug from amazon and joined the double mat revolution.

If you haven’t been on Pinterest lately, I’ll bring you up to date…

The new trend for front porches is to layer 2 front door mats.

Also adding pops of color, with green plants or colored flowers.

I’ve even seen individuals hang welcome signs or framed artwork, on their porch to add to their particular ambiance.

One adorable sign read: “Come, stay awhile.” Which is thought was fitting for a front porch.

There is nothing more inviting, then a covered porch and a couple of comfy rocking chairs!

But I digress…

I chose a buffalo check cloth rug on amazon to layer with my previously owned “hello” mat.

Buffalo Check Rug

The best part about the buffalo check rug, is that it is machine washable! It is easy to vacuum and can be thrown in the washing machine when it gets dirty!

There were many different sizes available. I purchased the 24″ x 51″ rug, so that it would cover the entire width of my porch.

Hello Mat

My hello mat was purchased at Walmart after we built this house. It was perfect to layer with my buffalo check!

If you love the double layered look, here are a few ideas to layering mats.

Once my mats were in place, I didn’t stop there.

The new white door looked nice and it certainly served its purpose. The entryway inside was bright and airy.

But the front porch was still in need of something else… greenery!

I considered buying two live plants.

But later decided against it. I came to the conclusion that they wouldn’t receive enough light or water, in the front entryway.

You see I tend to forget to water the plants I already have…

So I thought it best to avoid killing any future plants by purchasing a faux topiaries instead.

I looked everywhere for greenery I actually liked. They were either too small, too big or too expensive!

There was nothing else to do but… check Amazon, of course!

Then I found the perfect solution.

Something I wouldn’t forget to water.

Something that would stay green all year long.

Something that was 3 feet tall and had some personality.

Oh and don’t forget… reasonably priced!

Spiral Boxwood Tree

Isn’t she a beaut’! 😍😂

I couldn’t have been more impressed with by my purchase! I love them.

That’s right, I bought two!

One for each side of the doorway.

Marco wasn’t quite as impressed but I certainly was! I loved all the new changes we made. However, I will probably add a couple of items to the front porch in the future.