About Me

Hey Girl! I’m Lynzzi!


A 28 years old, who loves decorating, traveling, lifting weights, and crafting.

I’ve been married to my husband Dax for 7 years. Together we have a small yorkie, named Marco.


In college, I studied Family Consumer Science at BYU Idaho. I have a strong passion for fashion, sewing and design. I grew up cake decorating and sewing in 4H. I enjoyed years of art, dance and all things beautiful.

I’m a small town girl from Wyoming… Go Pokes! However, I am currently a city girl, living in Utah. But don’t let that fool you, I have a strong passion for fashion, that runs deep. I don’t wear cowboy boots and bedazzled belt buckles.

The past 4 years, I’ve owned an online clothing boutique for women. Now I am changing gears and eager to try something new!

I want you to know I’m not an experienced blogger, photographer, writer or digital designer. I’m mediocre, compared to other fabulous bloggers. But I love creating beautiful things. I also enjoy sharing them with others… people like you!

The reason I started this blog, wasn’t to become the next big blogger. Instead, I want to encourage, inspire and motivate you to creative a life you love!

I want to share my favorite things with you, and I hope you follow me on this new journey…

Together we can empower, uplift and encourage one another.



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