Fresh and Clean

What you Need:

Paper Towels


Glue Stick




How To:

This is so simple! You are going to print both pages. Cut out one of each tag. Then glue each blank side, together. Punch a hole in the corner of the tag. Thread the twine through the hole and tie a knot. Once that is finished, wrap the twine around the paper towel and make a bow in the back. That way is isn’t in the way of the tag, in the front but it is also easy to take off.

Thoughts by L:

If you are like me and enjoy simple but creative handouts, this ones for you! We purchase our paper towels in bulk, so it was cheap… yet inspiring. The message to start now! The challenge to start fresh and be whatever you want to be.

I absolutely love setting goals! There is something empowering and invigorating about challenging myself. Trying something new. Or becoming the best I can be!

If you don’t already, set new goals for yourself. To read more, make a new friend, or learn a new skill. You will be better for it! You will create a life you truly love and become the person, you really want to be.

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