Bread of Life

What you Need:

Loaf of Bread

Twine or Thread

Hole Punch




How to:

Usually I love making homemade bread! However, this week I was working with limited time. I purchased a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat bread from my local Great Harvest bakery. Having once been a small business owner, I enjoy doing business with local stores.

They also have a great deal on Wednesdays, $2.99 a loaf. Once I got there, I noticed that they were selling petite honey bear jars. Since they were so adorable, I purchased those as well!

At home I had a quick and easy assembly. Since my bread was prepackaged, I didn’t have to wrap it in cellophane. I used twine that I purchased from Hobby Lobby to tie around the loaf of bread. Using a hole puncher, I punched holes into the quote before adding the honey and tying a bow.

Thoughts by L:

January in Utah can be cold and sometimes gloomy. A warm loaf of bread on a blustery winters day, sounded delightful! Who doesn’t love bread… I know I do!

I’m pretty sure carbs are one of my love languages! 😉 haha!

As simple as this was, it was very impactful on me. I needed this reminder that the Lord is the reason we are here. He is the reason we can find peace. He is also the reason for living.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ is the bread of Life.

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