Be My Valentine

What You Need:



Cellophane Bag

Twist Tie

Hole Puncher

Box (optional)


How To:

Start by printing the tag. Place cookies, in bag. Using the hole puncher, punch holes in the tag. Thread the twist tie through the hole and twist to close the bag. If you choose to, place the bag inside a small box, from the dollar store or other craft store. The only reason I used a box this year was because we were receiving a lot of rain. I wanted to be sure they would stay dry, since I was going to place these on doorsteps.

Thoughts by L:

This is one of my favorite Valentine’s day handout! I found the tag on Pinterest.

I have made this for my class in Young Women’s, Primary and for my ministering sisters. This year, I even made them for my husband’s ministering families. Instead of a single cookie, I would put half a dozen or more in one baggie.

I love this message! It is my absolute favorite! I’m sure I say that about many of these handouts, but this really is the best one.

We all need a little extra love. Especially, on Valentine’s Day! We all want to be admired and have someone to love. There is no better love story than that of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our true Valentine.

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