Hawaii – Part 1


My husband and I planned a vacation to Hawaii last year. We visited two islands, Kauai and Oahu. If you don’t know where Kauai is, it is the fourth largest island, of the Hawaiian Islands. It is also the oldest, of the other islands dating back some 5.1 Million Years. The origin behind its name is unknown but the native traditions suggests, that it was named after the son of the navigator who discovered the island.

Dax and I were very excited for this trip, since neither one of us has ever been to Hawaii!

If you have ever wanted to go, I would highly recommend going to Kauai! It was absolutely breathtaking! What I liked most about Kauai, is that the island isn’t overpopulated by tourists or over-commercialized by stores. It is referred to as the “Garden Isle”, which speaks volumes in itself. The island is practically untouched by man.

Kauai is full of gorgeous sights, including beautiful sandy beaches, large waterfalls, farmers markets and adorable ma and pop shops. I think what we fell most in love with, was the casual and laid back vibe the island and it’s locals exude.

We stayed in Lihue, which is on the southeast coast of the island. Which is the largest city in Kauai! It is also the first place visited by explorers in 1778, by captain James Cook. Today it is still port for many cruise ships traveling to and from Los Angelas, Thailand, or many other countries.

We stayed at the Kauai, Marriott in Lihue. Our resort was absolutely amazing!

Kauai Marriott Resort

Our hotel had a beautiful private beach! Making relaxing on the beach much more enjoyable. The beach was so large, this picture only contains half of it.

In the lobby they had a historical Hawaiian boat, just like the one featured in Disney’s feature film Moana. It was really amazing! They also had a large Coy pond, which you could help feed once a week.

Hawaiian Sail Boat

We enjoyed plenty of adventures while on Kauai. But I’ll only share a couple. Over 90% of the island is out of reach of roads. If you enjoy hiking or boating, this island is for you! Which brings me to my absolute favorite landmark, was the Na Pali Coastline!

The Na Pali Coast, Kauai Hawaii

The only way to view the Na Pali Coast, is either by boat or helicopter ride only. There are also certain locations of shoreline, were it is actually illegal to dock!

So knowing we had time to spare, we decided to take the boat tour. Which we were both glad we did! You really get an amazing experience by boat. It reminds you just how extraordinary the world truly is. From the strength of the blustery wind, the depths of the briny sea and the vast oceans extent.

If you come to Kauai, I highly recommend taking this tour! The company we used, Holo Holo Charter. They also offer an all day snorkling tour. In which they take you to a private island nearby to snorkle with sharks, in the middle of the ocean.

Unfortunately or fortunately for me, we didn’t have time to do that one. Darn… 🙂

I enjoy being adventurous! I really do. I like trying new things.

Looking back, I would have loved to have gone. However, I think I needed more time to mentally prepare in advance. I mean, Come on… they are sharks… in the middle of the ocean… This isn’t Sea World, this is real life!

Back to my story…

After the captain explained the safety procedures we boarded our boat. As we set sail we were served appetizers, while we sailed quickly up the coastline… and I mean quick!

It was stunning! No picture does the Na Pali Coast justice…

Along the way to the north point of the Island, we saw spinner dolphins, turtles and whales! The spinner dolphins were quite the site to see! They did exactly that… spin! As they jump out of the blue water, they spin quickly like a football hurdling in the air.

Sooo cool!

Once you get to the highest point of the north coast, the boat turns back around. This time, they sail much slower… Thank goodness! This time you can walk leisurely about the boat, and take in the sights. The captain will points out all the hidden secrets. Stopping multiple times, for tourist to get impeccable photos of the Na Pali Coast.

Our tour included dinner, also. We were served savory fish tacos! They were delicious… I haven’t had better fish tacos since!

We sailed back into the dock, by the dim light of the sunset. It was a magical experience… Watching the sun set on the shimmering water, as far as the eye could see. Take me back!

The island of Kauai is also well known, for its influence in many popular feature films. Such as Lilo and Stitch, Jurassic Park, Hook and Indiana Jones. If you remember majestic green cliffs and lush, jungle scenery… Well, that’s Kauai! It’s really a hidden gem of sorts.

Another breathtaking view, was the Waimea Canyon! It is most known for dramatic colors and towering peaks… A whopping 3,000 ft from the Canyon floor. It even has some of the most gorgeous waterfalls, you can actually hike too.

Waimea Canyon

The Waimea Canyon is full of adventure! It contains 45 miles of hiking trails, that reveal the best the 10 mile long gorge has to offer. The canyon walls illustrate built up layers caused by year of volcanic eruptions. Which has then been eroded by rain throughout the centuries. Causing it to take such a unique shape.

Panoramic View of the other half, of the Cannon

While in Kauai, I enjoyed my weight in fresh mango, pineapple and papaya. Out of all the local food, were excited try fresh coconut! You can see my true reaction towards coconut in the next photo…

Yeah, not so good… 😂 It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting!

While in Kauai, we enjoyed plenty of delicious food. Including numerous food trucks, popular whole in the wall restaurants and even quaint local farmers markets. However, to my surprise it vegetables are difficult to come by.

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