The Purpose

The purpose of this travel page wasn’t so I could gloat. Most definitely not so I could brag, about all the places I’ve been. Obviously… since I haven’t be anywhere internationally. Well at least not yet! 🤞🏻

However, I did decide create this page because I want to help you realize there is beauty all around you! No matter your destination!

As you can tell, I am no world traveler… This board will most likely be short and not very jaw dropping! Especially, when compared to some other amazing travel bloggers.

I don’t have a job that pays me to travel. But I know what I do have… 

The ability to appreciate my surroundings… What it means to have an open mind and a heart full of gratitude.

I hope I can inspire you to seek out the good. To recognize the beauty. Find value in all things and most of all… be grateful for the environmental surroundings and opportunities you do have. 

Trust me… You don’t have to travel over seas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Or have to live someplace extravagant, to be grateful or in the experience and the joys of creation.

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