Taste the Rainbow

What You Need:



Class Container




Hole Punch


How To:

I loved the way this one turned out! Mostly because the colors are organized perfectly and it calmed my OCD… Just kidding. But really! I love when things are cohesively sounds.

First, start off by sorting out the skittles. I used plastic cups to sort mine. Once they are sorted, add the rolo’s to the bottom of your glass container. I purchased mine from the dollar store. As well, as my candy! I love one stop shopping, don’t you?!

When your rolo’s are evening spread out, you determine the color order you want your skittles to go in. As you can see, mine were: green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.

Once you have added each colored layer at a time, you are complete. If you choose to, print the tag to go with it. I used small colored thread I bought at Hobby Lobby. Using a whole punch, I strung the thread to attach the tag to the glass container.

Thoughts by L:

What a simple, yet aesthetically beautiful gift! We are all lucky to have a great friend. Be sure you don’t take them for granted… a good friend is like a four leaf clover!

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