Seek Ye Riches

What You Need:

Paper or Cardstock

Cellophane Bag

Twist Tie




How To:

Start by printing the tag, above. I am obsessed with cardstock! There is nothing better than a freshly printed image on a crisp piece of cardstock, I print everything on cardstock… We have quite the cardstock reserve. It is stiff and doesn’t bend easily. I would suggest always printing on cardstock.

Once you have your image printed, fill your cellophane bag or container, with rolo’s. I used a small hole puncher, to punch holes at the top of the tag. Using a twist tie to thread through the holes and twist closed… and you are done!

Thoughts by L

In life it is easy to get caught up, trying to “keep up, with the Jones’s”. We tend to compare or envy others. It is important to be we are grateful for what we have, no matter the circumstances. Always, remembering what is most significant. Not processions or things… but things of substance. People, kindness and acts of service.

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