More Precious Than Gold

What You Need:

Green Scrapbook Paper

Paper or Cardstock

Glue stick




How To:

Using a piece of cardstock, I printed the box on. After I had the box printed and cut out, I traced the shape onto my green scrapbook paper. I purchased mine, at Hobby Lobby. They always have a great selection.

After the box is traced, I cut it out and glued the tabs down, using a glue stick. Once the box is completed, print the “More precious than gold”, tag. Use the glue stick, to glue the tag onto the center of the box.

If you choose to, also print the quote. I folded the quote and placed inside the box, before filling it with Rolo’s.

Thoughts by L:

What a wonderful message, with great importance!

Life can wear us down…. As result, we tend to forget our worth and purpose. We are all loved by others, but especially by an Eternal Being. You are more precious than gold, girl… Don’t you forget it!

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