Hobby Holster

You are going to want one of these!

My Hobby Holster is very convenient! I have 2 of them because they are so great!

My first, hold my hot glue gun! It has a pocket for the extra sticks of glue. As well as a spot for my gun. If you use a glue gun frequently, I highly recommend getting one!

The second, holds my hair tools. For example, my straightener or curling iron. I can pocket them when I am between sections of hair. It keeps it off the counter and it protects me from getting burned.

If you aren’t quite sure how they work, it’s a silicone pocket. The flap sticks to your counters surface. Perfect for kitchen table crafts or morning routines in the bathroom.

These nifty holsters are on amazon and they cost $15. It also has a ruler on the flap, making it easy to take measurements before cutting. You can fill your holster with markers, scissors and other craft supplies.

If this is something you would like, click on the link below!

Hobby Holster – Click Here!

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