Pet Peeves

I literally laughed out loud, when I first saw this quote… So I put it on my letter board!

What are some of your pet peeves?

Just don’t say my awful grammar! Haha, but seriously… Like I said in my bio, I am not an expect in english or a professional writer! If you asked my husband he would probably say I have several pet peeves. which is probably true! šŸ˜‚

But…. if I had to pick just one pet peeve, it would probably be…

Bad drivers and poor driving etiquette!

Keep in mind, I currently live in Utah. Which Iā€™m 100% certain, has the worst drivers of all time! Utahans will deny they are awful drivers, before quickly blame on California or Arizona drivers instead… but we all know that isn’t true!

Utah: The only state where people get mad at you for actually going the speed limit!

I can’t believe some of the things I have witnessed, heard or seen when driving, since moving to Utah. šŸ™ˆšŸ™‰šŸ™Š

You don’t want to know. Trust me…

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