Easter Bunny!

Kirklands Easter Bunny!

This Easter decoration is one of my all time favorites!

I found it at Kirklands.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, look it up right now!

We bought a new house over a year ago and there is a Kirklands store, just a couple blocks away… It’s becoming an issue! 😂 Or at least my husband likes to tease that it is.

Kirkland’s is full of beautiful decorations for your home. I love their decorations because they fit the modern farmhouse style of my home perfectly!

The best part about Kirkland’s is that everything is affordable and reasonably priced! So don’t be surprised, when I’m all my fun finds are from Kirkland’s.

So here’s what the Easter Bunny looks like once it’s hung up outside…

My front door

Isn’t it adorable?

Usually every year I just hang a colorful floral wreath for spring. This year I decided I wanted to be a little more festive.

I decided to buy this decoration because it was on sale for $14.99… Yes, you read that right! No typo’s here.

Like I said… affordable decorations!

This adorable bunny is made of wood, with soft foam flowers and a thick rope to hang it by. My only suggestion/alteration would be to shorten the rope. I wanted my bunny to be centered in the panel of my door.

With such a long rope he hung a little too low on my door, for my liking. But my wreath hanger comes down a little farther than most. So keep that in mind, you might not have to tie a knot in yours. Hang it up first, before making any adjustments.

So I just tied a knot in the rope. Right behind one of the bunnies ear. You could cut it down if you chose to, but we tend to move a lot and all doors are not alike. I didn’t want to make it a permanent adjustment.

So like I mentioned before, if you haven’t heard of Kirkland’s go google it now!

However, I will attach the link so you can buy yourself your own little Easter bunny.

Get your Bunny Here!

They have many different styles of bunnies, so if you prefer one with more color or personality… there are plenty more to pick from. Go check ‘me out…

Happy Shopping!

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