Bunny In a Jar

These were just too adorable to pass up!

If you are in need of Easter basket idea, a gift for a neighbor or coworker, or ministering gift, this is a simple idea.

What You Need:

Pint Mason Jar

Green Easter Grass

Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Eggs or Jelly Beans



How to Make:

Before you start, check that your bunny will fit inside the size jar you purchase!

I bought all of my materials at the dollar store for $3, except for the jars. Which I purchased a case of 12, for $9 at Walmart. Try to find mason jars are clear glass and without a large label, so that you can actually see your bunny.

Make sure your mason jar is clean. Then add your easter grass in the bottom of the jar. Add your desired amount of chocolate eggs or jelly beans. Center your bunny inside the jar.

If you choose to, print the tag out. Trace the seal around the center of the tag, before cutting it out. Put the seal on the jar and place the tag on top. Then screw the lid on tight.

Thoughts by L:

I hope you enjoy this cute, yet simple creation! Hoppy Easter my friends!

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