Easter Egg Lesson

What You Need:

Small plastic Easter eggs, egg carton, paper, sacrament cup, 3 dimes, pair of dice, piece of twine, chunk of hand soap, piece of felt, one small nail, 2 toothpicks, tiny bag of rocks, piece of white cloth, a stone, bay leaf or herbs.


How To Make:

Place plastic eggs in your egg carton… Yes, I did buy eggs at from the store just so I could have this nice carton! haha 😂Label each egg with a number 1-12. Download the Easter egg lesson, then print it. Once printed, cut out each strip and place it in the correct egg as shown.

Sacrament Cup
3 Dimes
Knotted Twine
Chunk of Soap
Red Felt
Small Nail & Toothpick Cross
Pair of Dice
Tiny bag of Rocks
White Cloth
Bay Lead or Herbs
Empty, like the tomb

Thoughts by L:

A creative, interactive and sweet reminder that Jesus Christ lives! Perfect idea for family home evening or church lesson.

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