May Day Baskets

April showers bring May flowers… a family tradition for neighbors and friends.

What You Need:


Scrapbook paper

String or Ribbon

Hole Puncher

Hot Glue Gun





How To Make:

First, choose scrapbook paper. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. Also, don’t forget to purchase ribbon too. I couldn’t resist these spring colors!

Be sure to purchase flowers at your local grocery store or floral shop. I bought mine at Smiths for $15.

Take your flowers out of their wrappings and cut off excess amounts of stem. I cut enough off that, all of my flowers would lay inside the paper cone.

Leave them in water, until you are ready to place in your cones and deliver them. I sorted mine and put them into 6 small arrangements.

Yes, I know there are only 5 in the picture. I was creating the other arrangement, when I took the photo…

Next, take your paper and curl one corner inward towards the white side of the paper. Make sure the patterned side is facing outward.

Make sure you plugged your hot glue gun in! Once your paper is rolled, use the hot glue to glue the raw edge to the cone.

Once it is glued shut, take your hole punch and punch one hole on each side of the paper cone.

Don’t mind my lighting change… May brought us a bit of rain showers so it got dark all of a sudden!

Once you have done that, take your flowers out of their water. *This is very important… Make sure to dry the ends off with a paper towel, before placing into the cone baskets. If you don’t, the water will get your paper cone soggy, causing it to weaken, discolor or tare.

Make any further adjustments to the height of your flowers now. Shorten the stems with scissors, if needed.

Next take your ribbon and cut them the desired length. I made mine 15 inches long. You can alter as needed. Then thread the ribbon through the holes in the cone.

This is much easier to do, without your flowers inside. So take them out! I just forgot to take a picture.

Have your tags already printed or print them now, if you choose to use them. Using a hole punch, I punched a small hole at the top of the tag. Then thread the ribbon through the tag.

Notice, I didn’t tie my ribbon ends off. You can choose to tie the ends in knots or glue them shut instead, like I did below.

I threaded the ribbon through the hole in the cone and glued the end to the handle. I did the same thing to both sides. Make sure your tag is already on the ribbon, before glueing the ribbon ends.

Once you’ve finished gluing, your May Day Baskets are complete!

The last step is to hang your cute basket on your neighbors doorknob!

Thoughts by L:

Growing up I had a wonderful granny, who always found beauty in everything around her! She was very creative and loved to design beautiful things.

As a young girl, I remember her teaching my siblings and I many important lessons. Gratitude, service, compassion, love for others. She had a large garden and flower beds.

One spring day, she taught my cousins and I how to make May Day Baskets. She had us collect flowers from her yard and deliver them to neighbors on our street. It has been one of many, fond memories I have of her since her passing.

Growing up May Day Baskets were a fun tradition. A simple, yet meaningful way to brighten someone else’s day and show them that you care.

I can still remember my dear granny’s sweet reminder:

“All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

Our Lord God made them all!”

Spring is a special time of year. Reminding us just how beautiful change can be.

The renewal it brings. The amazing creations on the earth… such as flowers. In all sizes, shapes and colors. New baby animals. Bright light and warm weather.

April showers bring May flowers…

Happy May Day!

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