The Zest Finds

I am really loving this lemon trend!

There is something so happy and cheery about lemons.

Recently I have started decorating my home with lemons. A blog post soon to come!
These lemons come in a large bag for $19.99!
I put them in my kitchen.
I am obsessed with candles!
Lemon and Basil Candle for $9.99
Another great candle option!
Sugar Dusted Lemon for $9.99
I purchased this adorable lemon garland for my home!
It is 59 inches long and costs $24.99
I love the saying on this hand towel!
There are only available online for $24.99
The lemon print on this table runner is too cute!
It’s kind of pricy at $59.99 but if used with a coupon, you could save quite a bit.
If I didn’t already have a home sign, I would have bought this in a heartbeat!
$59.99 for a bright and cheery front porch decoration.
This friendly doormat is only $12.99
Such fun summer door decoration!
It is $22.99
A fresh and bright accent rug for your kitchen.
$24.99 and it’s yours!
$16.99 for this summery lemon serving tray.
I’ve been putting off buying a coffee table until we buy a new couch set.
If I did have a coffee table, this would be on it!
I need to go back for these!
They would make a great accent to any entryway table.
$8.99 for this lemon greenery.

Kirkland’s has been my jam ever since their store opened next to my house!

I purchased a few of these items for my own personal use. However, they were too cute not to share!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks fun finds!

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