Do It Anyways

A few years after I got married, I was busy finishing my bachelors degree.

It was a difficult semester with a large workload. But knowing things always work out when I serve others; I decided do something kind for someone else, in the midst of all my work.

I later experienced an encounter with that individual, that was not very pleasant. I felt disappointed, rejected, and a little hurt.

I remember mentioning it to my mother and a few weeks later, she had gifted me this exact quote in a frame.

This quote from Mother Teresa really struck a cord with me. It was exactly what I had experienced several weeks previous.

Not only did this quote bring me peace, it also reminded me to persevere.

To continue to serve, be kind and do good.

I choose to do those things, because I want to! However, I cannot choose how others will react.

The lesson I learned was this…

To do it anyways!

Serve. Be kind. Give your best, anyways.

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