More Precious Than Silver and Gold

With Father’s Day is only a few weeks away. You might be looking for a creative gift…

Don’t look any further!

I enjoy making themed gift boxes for my all of my loved ones.

This year I couldn’t resist making this box for my dad!

What You Need:

Cardboard Box

Scrapbook Paper

Glue stick




Vinyl or Pen

Silver Candy

– 3 Musketeers, Hershey Kisses, etc

Gold Candy

Twix, Rolos, Chocolate Coins, etc

Personalized Gift

My Box Included: Socks, Golf Card holder, Putting Cup, Golf Tees and a Wood Sign

How to Make:

Using a ruler measure your the dimensions of your box. Mark your scrapbook paper with the correct measurements using a pencil.

Once your scrapbook paper is cut out, glue paper to the inside of the box.

I prefer to put the glue directly onto my paper before sticking on the box. I also only glue half of the paper at a time. I think it is easier to be more precise when glueing it that way.

You can choose to glue paper to just the flaps of the box, or line the entire inside.

Place your gift or gifts, inside your box.

I used decorative shred to cover the gifts and keep them from shifting around. You can purchase it at the Dollar Store or Hobby Lobby, in the gift wrapping and party section.

Next, fill the rest of the box with your silver and gold candy. I purchased mine from the dollar store. The chocolate coins I had left over from St. Patrick’s Day, that I bought from Hobby Lobby.

I used my silhouette to cut the saying out. However, I had to place each letter individually or else the sticky transfer paper would have torn my scrapbook paper.

If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you could type the saying into a word document, print and cut them out, before glueing to the box. Or if you have better penmanship than me, you could write the saying on using a sharpie.

Thoughts by L

This box is perfect for anyone you value more than silver and gold! It makes a great birthday gift, as well.

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