Chickpea Noodles

These noodles made from chickpeas are absolutely fantastic!

A serving includes 25 grams of protein, and 15 grams of fiber.

Dense and delicious pasta!

Amazingly satisfying and a healthy alternative to less nutritious noodles.

For those who are curious of any noticeable differences in taste, consistency, etc…

I’ll tell you this.

My husband could not tell a difference!

He can sometime be a picky eater but I was shocked how much he really loved them!

He was noticeably fuller and much more satisfied. He couldn’t eat quite as much, when compared to his usually serving.

The only difference I could tell was, they are much more dense. You can tell they are heavier than an original noodle. But that’s what makes them filling!

I found mine at Costco!

However, I have also seen them at Target, Amazon and Walmart.

An 8 oz box costs about $2.99.

I think when I purchased mine in bulk for Costco, it was about $9 for a large box. It comes with 5 packages inside!

I’ve heard Banza even makes a Macaroni and cheese. That’s the next on my list, to purchase.

So be spontaneous. Try something new for dinner and use Banza! Find a new recipe or make one of your usuals, either way it doesn’t matter!

Swap out your old noodle for any of the Banza noodles.

Bon Appétit!

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