Curb Appeal

I wanted to give our entryway a facelift. I hated that the front door was black! I wanted more light in the entryway so I started thinking…

We would replace the front door, first. A new door with a window. Adding more natural light in our front entryway, inside.


My original door was black. This is it, above!Which looked okay… but never quite made sense to me. Our entire exterior of the house is navy, beige and white. 🤔 Before you ask, we didn’t pick the color originally.

So we ordered a new door, from our local hardware store. Making sure to purchase one with a window! Which only cost us $260.

We even saved a more money by painting the door ourselves!

At first, I thought about painting the front door navy.

But later came to the conclusion, that I wanted this new door to be bright and inviting!

Especially, since our entryway is covered. And because it is shaded, it always looks rather dark.


Once the door was painted and hung. We thought it looked nice. However, I wanted to add more color and personality to our porch!

So I ordered a cloth rug from amazon and joined the double mat revolution.

If you haven’t been on Pinterest lately, I’ll bring you up to date…

The new trend for front porches is to layer 2 front door mats.

Also adding pops of color, with green plants or colored flowers.

I’ve even seen individuals hang welcome signs or framed artwork, on their porch to add to their particular ambiance.

One adorable sign read: “Come, stay awhile.” Which is thought was fitting for a front porch.

There is nothing more inviting, then a covered porch and a couple of comfy rocking chairs!

But I digress…

I chose a buffalo check cloth rug on amazon to layer with my previously owned “hello” mat.

Buffalo Check Rug

The best part about the buffalo check rug, is that it is machine washable! It is easy to vacuum and can be thrown in the washing machine when it gets dirty!

There were many different sizes available. I purchased the 24″ x 51″ rug, so that it would cover the entire width of my porch.

Hello Mat

My hello mat was purchased at Walmart after we built this house. It was perfect to layer with my buffalo check!

If you love the double layered look, here are a few ideas to layering mats.

Once my mats were in place, I didn’t stop there.

The new white door looked nice and it certainly served its purpose. The entryway inside was bright and airy.

But the front porch was still in need of something else… greenery!

I considered buying two live plants.

But later decided against it. I came to the conclusion that they wouldn’t receive enough light or water, in the front entryway.

You see I tend to forget to water the plants I already have…

So I thought it best to avoid killing any future plants by purchasing a faux topiaries instead.

I looked everywhere for greenery I actually liked. They were either too small, too big or too expensive!

There was nothing else to do but… check Amazon, of course!

Then I found the perfect solution.

Something I wouldn’t forget to water.

Something that would stay green all year long.

Something that was 3 feet tall and had some personality.

Oh and don’t forget… reasonably priced!

Spiral Boxwood Tree

Isn’t she a beaut’! 😍😂

I couldn’t have been more impressed with by my purchase! I love them.

That’s right, I bought two!

One for each side of the doorway.

Marco wasn’t quite as impressed but I certainly was! I loved all the new changes we made. However, I will probably add a couple of items to the front porch in the future.

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