No Tricks, Just Treats!

Are you in need of a spooky gift idea, this Halloween?

Try this tasty “scare” package!

I created this box for my nephew who is currently serving an lds mission, in Alabama.

What You Need:


Glue stick

Hot Glue Gun

Orange Spray Paint

Purple Scrapbook Paper

Plastic Spider Rings

Bouncy Balls



Mine Included:

Ties, cuff Links and Taco Bell Giftcard

How to Make:

Start by spray painting the inside of your box.

Once your box is painted, cut letters out of scrapbook paper to create your message.

Using my sihlouette machine, I cut out the saying “No Tricks Just Treats” and “Happy Halloween”.

Once the letters are cut, gluing them onto your box using a glue stick.

Place your gifts in the bottom of your box.

Once your gifts are placed inside, dump the candy, plastic spiders, bouncy balls on top.

Mix gently, so that everything is spread evenly.

If you have extra spider rings. Using a hot glue gun, glue several spiders to the flaps of your box. You could also add fake spider webbing for a spookier look.

Happy Halloween!

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