You are Toe-rific!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away.

If you are still looking for ideas, I’ve got you covered!

This is a simple and fun way to show your loved one, just how much you care.

Who wouldn’t love a fresh pedicure? Especially, right before summer!

Below, I have also included a download for Birthdays, as well! If your bestie is having a birthday soon, this is a great gift…. and a good excuse to get your nails done too!

Because no, one likes getting their nail done alone!

What You Need:


10 Bills

Hole Punch

Ribbon or String




How to Make:

Start by printing out the flip flops template. Remember, there are two options to pick from. So be sure the print the correct one!

*Since I already made the Mother’s Day feet ahead of time, I will show you how to make them using the Birthday template.

Once printed, cut out the feet, and the tags. Make sure to cut off the black lines so they are no longer visible.

Tape the edges of the rectangle strips to the bottom of the shoe. Make sure to leave enough space for your bills!

Roll each dollar bill individually. Either direction is fine. But after making two sets, I preferred the backside of the bill facing out. I tried to roll each toe slightly larger than the last, so they resembled real toes.

I used all 1 dollar bills just for this post. But depending on how much you want to give, plan your bills accordingly.

Five $5 bills and six $1 bills = $31

Depending on where you go, that should cover a pedicure and a tip. If not, replace another dollar bill with a $5 bill.

Use a small piece of tape, to keep each bill from unraveling once it’s rolled into place.

When each bill is rolled and taped. Add an addition piece of tape, roll it and stick to the raw edge of the bill.

That will make sure the bill will stick to the inside of the foot. Then slide each bill inside the flip flop and make sure it is securely in place. Make sure to stagger each toe, so that it looks like real feet! The big toe on the inside of the foot, tapering downward.

Trust me, I got an entire foot completed before I realized I taped them the wrong direction on the wrong foot. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Talk about two left feet… 😂

After all the toes are correctly placed. (Use photo for reference) Next punch a hole in the heel of each foot.

Lace your ribbon or string through the punched out hole and tie in a bow.

TaDa! You are finished.

If you choose to, you can write a personal message on the sole of the foot.

Thoughts by L:

This is a fun gift for all ages!

A gift like this kind never stinks…


Do you get it?

Since they are feet… and feet stink🦶🏻


Happy crafting!

One in a Melon Box

Need a Mother’s Day Gift for your mom?

Remind her just how important she really is, with this One in a Melon box.

Mom, if you are reading this… Surprise! I hope you enjoy your gift. Sorry I spilled the beans a few days early. Love you!

Lets get started…

What you Need:

Scrapbook Paper

Cardboard Box




Glue stick

Decorative Shred or Confetti

Fruit Themed Gifts

My gifts included: Watermelon Sour Patch Kids, Watermelon Gum, Lotion, Pink Nail Polish, and a Book.


How to Make:

Start by measuring the sides of your box. Using those measurements cut your scrapbook paper to fit each flap. If you choose to, you can line the inside of the box with paper as well. Once your paper is measured properly and cut to size, using a glue stick glue paper into place.

Quick tip: I like to put the glue directly on the paper first, before placing it on the box. I start by gluing half the page, at a time. It makes it easier to place on the box evenly, before the glue dries out. Once that half of the paper is securely placed on the box, rub it down and add glue to the second half.

I fully lined this box with watermelon paper. Sometimes however, I choose to only line the flaps of the box. You decide!

Once your box is lined, write the “One in a Melon” saying on with a marker or print out the letters in the download above onto cardstock. I prefer to co

I made the document green but once I put them on my watermelon paper, it didn’t pop out enough for me. So if you prefer your letters black instead, print the download in black and white. Using scissors, cut the letters out and use a glue stick to glue them into place.

When your box is completed, start by filling it with your decorative shred. I found mine had the dollar store. You can also find it at Hobby Lobby as well. Last but not least, place all of your gifts inside. If you have extra shred, consider covering the gifts before taping the box shut.

Thoughts by L:

I really enjoyed making this box! Not only because it was a gift for my mom but because it was bright and colorful. I am also a big fan of puns… I think they are punny!

It’s also adorably “sweet.” 🍉😂


Resurrection Rolls

This is a thought provoking and “sweet” Easter gift, for neighbors and friends.

What You Need:

Large Marshmallows

1 Crescent Rolls Can

Cellophane Bag

Twist Tie

Easter Grass


Clear Bread Bag


How to Make:

Put 8 large marshmallows inside your cellophane bag and use the twist tie to close. Place marshmallows inside the bread bag. Next add the can of crescent rolls. Print out the Resurrection Rolls handout, before placing it in the bag. Using another twist tie, close the bread bag.

Thoughts by L:

Easter is when we celebrate the Savior, Jesus Christ’s Resurrection from the tomb. “Death was conquered, man is free, Christ has won the victory!”

His resurrection is a great source of hope. Why not share that hope with those you love and admire! Enjoy this free Easter printable.

Easter Egg Lesson

What You Need:

Small plastic Easter eggs, egg carton, paper, sacrament cup, 3 dimes, pair of dice, piece of twine, chunk of hand soap, piece of felt, one small nail, 2 toothpicks, tiny bag of rocks, piece of white cloth, a stone, bay leaf or herbs.


How To Make:

Place plastic eggs in your egg carton… Yes, I did buy eggs at from the store just so I could have this nice carton! haha 😂Label each egg with a number 1-12. Download the Easter egg lesson, then print it. Once printed, cut out each strip and place it in the correct egg as shown.

Sacrament Cup
3 Dimes
Knotted Twine
Chunk of Soap
Red Felt
Small Nail & Toothpick Cross
Pair of Dice
Tiny bag of Rocks
White Cloth
Bay Lead or Herbs
Empty, like the tomb

Thoughts by L:

A creative, interactive and sweet reminder that Jesus Christ lives! Perfect idea for family home evening or church lesson.

Bunny In a Jar

These were just too adorable to pass up!

If you are in need of Easter basket idea, a gift for a neighbor or coworker, or ministering gift, this is a simple idea.

What You Need:

Pint Mason Jar

Green Easter Grass

Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Eggs or Jelly Beans



How to Make:

Before you start, check that your bunny will fit inside the size jar you purchase!

I bought all of my materials at the dollar store for $3, except for the jars. Which I purchased a case of 12, for $9 at Walmart. Try to find mason jars are clear glass and without a large label, so that you can actually see your bunny.

Make sure your mason jar is clean. Then add your easter grass in the bottom of the jar. Add your desired amount of chocolate eggs or jelly beans. Center your bunny inside the jar.

If you choose to, print the tag out. Trace the seal around the center of the tag, before cutting it out. Put the seal on the jar and place the tag on top. Then screw the lid on tight.

Thoughts by L:

I hope you enjoy this cute, yet simple creation! Hoppy Easter my friends!

Hoppy Easter Tag

Hop you enjoy this free download! 😉

I apologize for all the stupid puns, some bunny stop me! 🐇

This tag is a perfect to attach to a gift for your neighbor, your ministering sisters, or even a co-worker.