Red, White and Blue

You all know my obsession with Kirkland’s…

Well I love share all my favorite 4th of July finds!

Let Freedom Ring Pillow – $9.99

Land That I LOVE – $12.49

God Bless America – $74.99

Let Freedom Ring Star – $8.49

American as Apple Pie – $18.74

Home of the Brave – $8.49

American at Heart – $8.49

Vintage Firework Truck – $22.49

Stars and Stripes – $44.99

Let Freedom Ring Towels – $18.74

Uncle Sam – $34.99

Star and Stripes – $9.99


Wooden Fireworks – $7.99

Patriotic Mason Jars – $7.49

Happy Shopping Ya’ll!

The Zest Finds

I am really loving this lemon trend!

There is something so happy and cheery about lemons.

Recently I have started decorating my home with lemons. A blog post soon to come!
These lemons come in a large bag for $19.99!
I put them in my kitchen.
I am obsessed with candles!
Lemon and Basil Candle for $9.99
Another great candle option!
Sugar Dusted Lemon for $9.99
I purchased this adorable lemon garland for my home!
It is 59 inches long and costs $24.99
I love the saying on this hand towel!
There are only available online for $24.99
The lemon print on this table runner is too cute!
It’s kind of pricy at $59.99 but if used with a coupon, you could save quite a bit.
If I didn’t already have a home sign, I would have bought this in a heartbeat!
$59.99 for a bright and cheery front porch decoration.
This friendly doormat is only $12.99
Such fun summer door decoration!
It is $22.99
A fresh and bright accent rug for your kitchen.
$24.99 and it’s yours!
$16.99 for this summery lemon serving tray.
I’ve been putting off buying a coffee table until we buy a new couch set.
If I did have a coffee table, this would be on it!
I need to go back for these!
They would make a great accent to any entryway table.
$8.99 for this lemon greenery.

Kirkland’s has been my jam ever since their store opened next to my house!

I purchased a few of these items for my own personal use. However, they were too cute not to share!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks fun finds!

Home Sweet Home

Nothing says summer like ice cream and popsicles!

After having said that, I am reminded of the quote from on the movie “Little Rascals”.



I was at Kirkland’s this week and fell in love with this “sweet” sign for summer! So naturally I had to buy it to hang on my front door… 🤷🏻‍♀️

This whitewashed wood sign I found at Kirklands was $22.99. Here’s the link!

Home Sweet Home

I cannot wait for warmer weather, cool summer nights and outdoor barbecues.

If your front door needs a facelift, check out Kirkland’s. They are currently having a sale…

30% off when you use code: gift30

Also, if you sign up for their email they will send you coupons.

Happy Shopping!

Pineapple Twist!

Every time I read the heading for this post, I can’t help but say it in a Nacho Libre voice. You know the scene in the movie where Nacho says: “Anaconda Squeeze…”

😂 hahaha!

So I keep saying “Pineapple Twist…” just like Nacho. If you know what I’m talking about, I hope you find it just as funny, as I do.

Today I have a really neat trick for you!

Perfect for you summer BBQ’s. Especially for the 4th of July.

Did you know, you don’t have to cut off the top of a pineapple with a knife?

Would you believe me, if I said you can twist the top completely off with your bare hands?

If you securely brace the top of the pineapple with one hand while twisting the leaves tightly in the other, the top will pop off!

😂I know!

How cool is that?!?

If you are like me, you probably prefer a visual demonstration.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

My sweet husband demonstrating the Pineapple Twist.

Check this out…

Pineapple Twist 

Go buy a pineapple, so you can try it. It’s actually quite entertaining!


Did you can grow a pineapple, by placing the leafy end right side up in water like so?

All you need is a mason jar and some toothpicks, to get started.

I think I might try it too.

However, I miss all the delicious pineapple we had in Hawaii.

If you haven’t read about our trip to the dole plantation in Hawaii, go check it out! It’s in my travel section.

Also don’t forget…


Here are this weekends fun finds…

I purchase these, ankle strap sandals from Target! With a 1 inch, white bottom platform that is stable, squishy and very comfortable! The cross cross straps are soft and secure, with a zipper in the back.

They only cost me $27! Get yourself a pair before they are gone.

Ankle Strap Sandals

Next… the Wenda Cut Out Bootie

I thought these would be hard and stiff… Surprisingly, they are not! These boots conform to the shape of you foot. Which I love! And the 1 inch heel is very pleasant making it great for everyday use. These shoes are very versatile and compliment any outfit!

$34.99 at Target. They come in multiple colors. I almost purchased them in black, as well!

Wenda Cut Out Boots


Right now at Target, they are having their BOGO deal on shoes! Purchase one pair, and get a second pair half off…

I totally missed the sale!

But if you purchase both shoes today, you would get one pair for half the price.

Run. Fast!

Easter Bunny!

Kirklands Easter Bunny!

This Easter decoration is one of my all time favorites!

I found it at Kirklands.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, look it up right now!

We bought a new house over a year ago and there is a Kirklands store, just a couple blocks away… It’s becoming an issue! 😂 Or at least my husband likes to tease that it is.

Kirkland’s is full of beautiful decorations for your home. I love their decorations because they fit the modern farmhouse style of my home perfectly!

The best part about Kirkland’s is that everything is affordable and reasonably priced! So don’t be surprised, when I’m all my fun finds are from Kirkland’s.

So here’s what the Easter Bunny looks like once it’s hung up outside…

My front door

Isn’t it adorable?

Usually every year I just hang a colorful floral wreath for spring. This year I decided I wanted to be a little more festive.

I decided to buy this decoration because it was on sale for $14.99… Yes, you read that right! No typo’s here.

Like I said… affordable decorations!

This adorable bunny is made of wood, with soft foam flowers and a thick rope to hang it by. My only suggestion/alteration would be to shorten the rope. I wanted my bunny to be centered in the panel of my door.

With such a long rope he hung a little too low on my door, for my liking. But my wreath hanger comes down a little farther than most. So keep that in mind, you might not have to tie a knot in yours. Hang it up first, before making any adjustments.

So I just tied a knot in the rope. Right behind one of the bunnies ear. You could cut it down if you chose to, but we tend to move a lot and all doors are not alike. I didn’t want to make it a permanent adjustment.

So like I mentioned before, if you haven’t heard of Kirkland’s go google it now!

However, I will attach the link so you can buy yourself your own little Easter bunny.

Get your Bunny Here!

They have many different styles of bunnies, so if you prefer one with more color or personality… there are plenty more to pick from. Go check ‘me out…

Happy Shopping!