Flower Beds

Since today is Earth Day, I decided it was the best day to post about my flower beds.

”Flowers are the music to the earth!” – Marty Rubin

Our Backyard

Do you have a small backyard? Or do you have a large backyard, that lacks color or personality? Are you sick of looking at dead grass or weeds? Are you ready to make some changes?

Good. I’ve got some backyard inspiration for you!

We built a townhouse over a year ago, here in Utah. The company we purchased our home from, landscaped the front yard. If you can really call a pile of rocks and a couple of plants, landscaping…

However, they didn’t want to have to get into our private backyards to mow the grass. Instead they offered to put in mulch. Yuck!

We’ve had mulch before in other homes. It might look decent. However, it just blows away! Mulch is an endless money pit when you are constantly replacing it, after every windstorm. So we politely declined.

While the rest of our neighbors went with the ugly, brown mulch… Bleh! 😝

Since we have a small dog, we decided we wanted to have some grass. We bought some sod and laid it all in the back ourselves. It was really great! Until it died.

Apparently our soil had some sort of fungus or bugs, that killed the grass. After waisting tons of money on dirt, soil and sod, my husband came up with an alternative…


hahaha… You can laugh. I laughed at him at at first, too!

If you don’t already know, my husband umpires college baseball. So he sees his fair share of luscious, green turf. At first, I thought he was crazy! After doing some research however, I started to warm up to the idea.

A few weeks later, we had turf!

Before & After

I’ll tell you what though… I love it! I like it so much more, than I originally thought I would.

Here’s why… It is bright green, all year round! It doesn’t have to be mowed. It doesn’t need to be watered. It is pet friendly. Most importantly, it is a beautiful sight to look at throughout the cold and gloomy winters.

After the turf was in, we decided to add some flowers. So we made a wooden flower box, around the perimeter of the backyard. Once in place, we were ready for flowers!

We went to our local Home Depot and purchased potting soil and flowers.

We hauled everything through the house, to the backyard.

Filled the entire grow box with soil, before ranking it level.

We organized all the flowers, to make sure we got the correct placement before planting them.

Here is the finished product!

Hobby Holster

You are going to want one of these!

My Hobby Holster is very convenient! I have 2 of them because they are so great!

My first, hold my hot glue gun! It has a pocket for the extra sticks of glue. As well as a spot for my gun. If you use a glue gun frequently, I highly recommend getting one!

The second, holds my hair tools. For example, my straightener or curling iron. I can pocket them when I am between sections of hair. It keeps it off the counter and it protects me from getting burned.

If you aren’t quite sure how they work, it’s a silicone pocket. The flap sticks to your counters surface. Perfect for kitchen table crafts or morning routines in the bathroom.

These nifty holsters are on amazon and they cost $15. It also has a ruler on the flap, making it easy to take measurements before cutting. You can fill your holster with markers, scissors and other craft supplies.

If this is something you would like, click on the link below!

Hobby Holster – Click Here!

Let’s Get This Straight

If there’s one thing I want you to know about me is…

That is all… 😂

Marie Kondo Method

Just like many of you, my husband and I enjoyed binge watching the Netflix series, Marie Kondo.

Although I have always loved organizing and am usually very efficient, we decided to give our bedroom closet and dresser a facelift.

For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about… Who is this Marie Kwondo?

Let me explain…

First off, I have to start by mention… When we first started watching the show, my husband always referred to her as Marie Kwondo… He kept incorrectly pronouncing her name… 😂haha!

That’s why I added it above…

So Marie Kondo is an organization consultant, who has created a system to organize and simplify your wardrobe. She helps you “choose joy” in completing their tidying adventures. On her show, she helps families who want to clean out their homes and have more peace of mind.

If you have Netflix, go watch it!

Until then, here is a sneak peak. Click Here

Some of her techniques, I have have been fortunate to already know. Thanks to a great mom who taught me simple tips, while growing up.

While watching Marie’s show I was very surprised, how so many adults do not know how to properly clean, sort, fold or organize their personal belongings. Or how to involve or teach their children to help.

I’m not judging but I just assumed those were pretty common knowledge.

First, here is an image of Marie’s folding technique. Folding your close and putting them in drawers, will make it easier to see all of your items at once. It also takes up less space!

My husband didn’t believe me…and that’s why we reorganized our wardrobes. Here are our After photos.

Dax’s Shirts
Dax’s Shorts

We couldn’t fit all of our shirts in our dresser. So our dresser holds our intimates, socks, belts, workout clothes, casual tees, shorts and sweats pants.

Dax’s Socks and Belts
My Workout Clothes and Socks
My Sweats, Pj’s and Shorts

I’m sure your first question for me is… Are those all of your clothes? No, they aren’t. Our nicer shirts, blouses, suits, dresses and jeans are hanging in our walk-in closet.

If your closet it getting cramped and you need more room. Try rearming your clothes. Try folding them! It takes up less space, I promise!