We recently have a nephew who is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We wanted to send him a care package to show him just how much we care!

What You Need:


Scrapbook Paper



Glue stick

Large Box of Cheerios

Variety of Cereals

How to Make:

Start by measuring the flaps of your box. Cut your scrapbook paper to fit your box measurements.

Once your paper is cut out, use a glue stick to glue each page, to each box flap.

When all of your pages have been glued on, you are ready to add the wording.

I used my silhouette to cut out the saying. However, you could just use a pen too!

I then hand sketched a spoon and a bowl onto cardstock. Once they were cut out, I glued them to the flaps, along with the letters for my saying.

I decided to use a hot glue gun to add a few Cheerios to the spoon and bowl to make it look more realistic.

Next step, collect all of your cereals.

I purchased these at my local dollar store!

I loved that they were small bags of cereal, instead of miniature boxes.

So about halfway through this project, I had a bright idea…

I was going to fill the box with loose Cheerios!

So I grabbed my personal box of Cheerios out of the cupboard.

And filled the bottom of the box with a layer of Cheerios.

Hahaha… 😂

Next organize your bags of cereal inside your decorated box.

Before taping the box closed, fill the rest of the box will Cheerios.

I’m sure your loved one will thank you for the excess of Cheerios later! 😂

Thoughts by L

I really got a kick out of this box!

I’m not sure how much my nephew enjoyed opening a box full of loose Cheerios but I thought it was hilarious.

Yes… you read that right.

I filled the rest of the box with loose Cheerios, just like they were plastic peanuts.

Hahaha… 😂

Hopefully they weren’t crushed to a powder by the time it got to him. 🤞🏻

Happy crafting!

New Doors

Haven’t we all hoped for something different?

We’ve all wished for some kind of change.

Whether you want to be thinner, stronger, smarter, friendlier or wealthier… we all have a deep desire for something more.

So what’s stopping us?

Why haven’t you bought that new car? Why haven’t you lost those last 10 lbs?

What’s holding you back?

Sometimes we get stuck in old ways…

We don’t challenge ourselves or try to do better.

We lack motivation.

It is easy to get lazy in our daily routine or lose our desire to progress.

We sit there and lie to ourselves… saying, I’ll start tomorrow.

Or we say, I’m doing the best I can…

Are you really?

But we have to come to the realization, that if we want change somethings got to give!

Old ways don’t open new doors.

We have to try harder.

Do something different, if we want new results.

The actual definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

So set a new goal.

Try something new!

Just take that baby step in the right direction…

Make a change or nothing ever will.

Chickpea Noodles

These noodles made from chickpeas are absolutely fantastic!

A serving includes 25 grams of protein, and 15 grams of fiber.

Dense and delicious pasta!

Amazingly satisfying and a healthy alternative to less nutritious noodles.

For those who are curious of any noticeable differences in taste, consistency, etc…

I’ll tell you this.

My husband could not tell a difference!

He can sometime be a picky eater but I was shocked how much he really loved them!

He was noticeably fuller and much more satisfied. He couldn’t eat quite as much, when compared to his usually serving.

The only difference I could tell was, they are much more dense. You can tell they are heavier than an original noodle. But that’s what makes them filling!

I found mine at Costco!

However, I have also seen them at Target, Amazon and Walmart.

An 8 oz box costs about $2.99.

I think when I purchased mine in bulk for Costco, it was about $9 for a large box. It comes with 5 packages inside!

I’ve heard Banza even makes a Macaroni and cheese. That’s the next on my list, to purchase.

So be spontaneous. Try something new for dinner and use Banza! Find a new recipe or make one of your usuals, either way it doesn’t matter!

Swap out your old noodle for any of the Banza noodles.

Bon Appétit!

Sparkle & Shine!

Happy 4th of July!

Well not just yet… I’m a few days early.

However, I was excited about this craft that I wanted to make sure you had enough time to make your own.

So you can give them to family members, friends or neighbors on the 4th of July.

This should only take your 5-10 minutes to create.

Let’s get started!

What You Need:



X-ACTO Knife




How To Make:

Choose one of the links above.

Once printed, cut out the tags.

Using an X-ACTO knife, cut two lines into the paper. One line above and another line, below the saying.

Next take your sparklers and weave them through the first slit at the top. Hiding the sparklers behind the letters.

Then slide the sparklers back through the second slit, so they appear on the front again.

Thoughts by L:

When I first started designing this handout, a scripture kept coming to me.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Growing up I lived in a small town. I was sometimes viewed or labeled, “different” because of my values. When I was younger Matthew 5:16 was my favorite scripture!

People could tell there was something unusual about me and others of my faith. But they typically had a hard time deciphering “why” or “what” it was.

For those who are not a member of my faith… When members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are baptized we promise to always have his spirit to be with us.

That light of Christ, is what sets us apart from others around us. As long as we are doing what is right, his spirit or light may remain with us. Which is what others notice. A little sparkle or glint of happiness. Even in hard times.

So for this month, I thought the sparklers would be a fun activity for little families to do with their small children.

Heck… I’m a grown adult and I still love a good sparklers!

But it was a special reminder for us, to let our light shine.

To use our light to bring others closer to God. That they too, might know Him!

So remember… be like a sparkler.

Shine Bright and Sparkle!

Outshine Bars

Do you love popsicles?

I usually prefer ice cream over popsicles.

Until now…

Outshine bars are a game changer.

These are amazing! 😍

My favorite flavor is Pineapple.

It almost tastes exactly like the sweet pineapple we had in Hawaii… YUM!

Outshine Bars

Let me explain why I love outshine bars so much…

They are made with real fruit.

No artificial colors or flavors.

No GMO ingredients

No high fructose corn syrup

Great source of Vitamin C

Gluten free

Fat free

And I haven’t even got to the best part!

They are only 70 calories!

You can purchase a box of 6 bars for $3 at target. You can find them at most local grocers. Costco even carries a variety pack.

They have every fruit flavor imaginable…

Peach, blueberry, strawberry, grape, raspberry, mango, lemon, lime, coconut, pomegranate, tangerine, and watermelon.

They even have fruit bars half dipped in chocolate!

They also have yogurt bars too!

So go ahead and treat yo’ self.

You deserve it, girl!

Red, White and Blue

You all know my obsession with Kirkland’s…

Well I love share all my favorite 4th of July finds!

Let Freedom Ring Pillow – $9.99

Land That I LOVE – $12.49

God Bless America – $74.99

Let Freedom Ring Star – $8.49

American as Apple Pie – $18.74

Home of the Brave – $8.49

American at Heart – $8.49

Vintage Firework Truck – $22.49

Stars and Stripes – $44.99

Let Freedom Ring Towels – $18.74

Uncle Sam – $34.99

Star and Stripes – $9.99


Wooden Fireworks – $7.99

Patriotic Mason Jars – $7.49

Happy Shopping Ya’ll!

We apHERSHEYate You!

Do you ap’HERSHEY’ate someone in your life?

If so, don’t you think it’s time you show them just how much you care?

Well I have the perfect gift, for you!

This small but sweet gift will be sure to bring a smile to any face.

What You Need:



Hershey Bar

Glue or Tape


We apHersheyate

I apHersheyate

How to Make:

Start by printing one of the PDFs listed above. One says we, and the other says I.

Since this gift was from both, Dax and I we obviously used the PDF we. However, I included the other PDF, as well.

Once printed, using scissors cut out the image.

After you have cut out the image. Next you are going to gold the grey tap backwards like so.

Then you will glue the grey tab, to the top of the page where the glue stick is.

Your paper should look like the photo above. The top and bottom should have been glued together to make a continuous piece of paper.

Once your glue has dried, you are ready to slide your candy bar into the paper sleeve. *Note- You do not need to use a king size Hershey bar like mine. A regular sized bar will work just as well.

Thoughts by L

I love to show gratitude for others. I think it is very important to be thankful for those who do kind acts of service towards you. I made this thank you gift for a sweet lady at my church who taught my primary class.

One of my favorite mottos is:

“Gratitude is the gateway to joy.”

-Elaine S. Marshall