We recently have a nephew who is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We wanted to send him a care package to show him just how much we care!

What You Need:


Scrapbook Paper



Glue stick

Large Box of Cheerios

Variety of Cereals

How to Make:

Start by measuring the flaps of your box. Cut your scrapbook paper to fit your box measurements.

Once your paper is cut out, use a glue stick to glue each page, to each box flap.

When all of your pages have been glued on, you are ready to add the wording.

I used my silhouette to cut out the saying. However, you could just use a pen too!

I then hand sketched a spoon and a bowl onto cardstock. Once they were cut out, I glued them to the flaps, along with the letters for my saying.

I decided to use a hot glue gun to add a few Cheerios to the spoon and bowl to make it look more realistic.

Next step, collect all of your cereals.

I purchased these at my local dollar store!

I loved that they were small bags of cereal, instead of miniature boxes.

So about halfway through this project, I had a bright idea…

I was going to fill the box with loose Cheerios!

So I grabbed my personal box of Cheerios out of the cupboard.

And filled the bottom of the box with a layer of Cheerios.

Hahaha… 😂

Next organize your bags of cereal inside your decorated box.

Before taping the box closed, fill the rest of the box will Cheerios.

I’m sure your loved one will thank you for the excess of Cheerios later! 😂

Thoughts by L

I really got a kick out of this box!

I’m not sure how much my nephew enjoyed opening a box full of loose Cheerios but I thought it was hilarious.

Yes… you read that right.

I filled the rest of the box with loose Cheerios, just like they were plastic peanuts.

Hahaha… 😂

Hopefully they weren’t crushed to a powder by the time it got to him. 🤞🏻

Happy crafting!