She Said YES!

My dear friend recently got engaged! I am beyond thrilled that she found someone who respects and loves her. I was beyond excited that I came up with this engagement gift. 

What You Need:

Ring Pop

Ring Dish

Wood Countdown





Print: You said YES!

How to Make:

Start by collecting your gifts.

Ring pops can be purchased at your local dollar store. Which is a great deal because I got 4 ring pops for $1. I only used one ring for my gift but my husband always appreciates leftovers. 

This ceramic white and gold, Ring Dish was on amazon.

A wonderful purchase for only $6!

Amazon had hundreds of options to pick from. However, I thought this was perfect for my dear friend.

Next, a countdown…


I had planned to purchased a wedding day countdown.

However, I am an extremely practical person. I wanted her countdown to serve a dual purpose.

Otherwise, it would most likely end up in the trash once she was married. 

So I did some research and found the best solution…

A Reversible Countdown.

Talk about perfection! 😍Doesn’t it just make your heart happy?

Not only does is countdown to your wedding day… but also keeps count of your anniversaries. 

The countdown only cost $17.99 from amazon. 

What a great home decor piece, for their future home!

Print my free download, I included at the top of the blog.

Then cut out the hearts and tape it to the each gift before placing in your gift bag.


Save the packaging for the ring dish and the countdown. Place each gift back into their packaging and tape each heart directly to the package. Before placing each item in your gift bag.

I wanted to make sure each gift did not break!

Last but not least…

My adorable gift bag and engagement card were from Target. I found them both in the dollar section.

The gift bag even came with two sheets of tissue paper! Doesn’t Target think of everything?

Thoughts by L:

This engagement gift is simple and affordable. The entire gift only cost $26!

Creating this gift brought back some many memories. Causing me to reflect on my own marriage. All the excitement that comes from being engage and all the anticipation from planning a wedding.

However, it also reminded me how grateful I am to have such sweet friends.

Let the countdown begin!